Santa Cristina Holy Well & Nuragic Village

VIDEO : Santa Cristina Holy Well & Nuragic Village

Megalithomaniac Hugh Newman explores the Santa Cristina Nuragic complex that includes the famous rock-cut holy well. The Nuragi megalithic tower is one of 7,000 recorded in Sardinia and is surrounded by a stone built village dating to around 1,300 BC. The Holy Well has precision engineered stones and is much more sophisticated than the village, similar in style to ancient Peru and Egypt. The well is oriented so that sunlight shines upon the water on the equinoxes, and moonlight shines upon the water at the maximum declination of the moon, which occurs every 18.6 years. The local Santa Cristina church was built nearby in the 1200s and that's why it got that name! Includes exclusive aerial footage. Filmed, Produced, and Directed by Hugh Newman. Copyright Hugh Newman/Megalithomania 2017. All Rights Reserved. Websites:

Ancient Technology: The Sacred Well Santa Cristina


The Nuraghic civilization is probably one of the most enigmatic civilizations to be found on Earth. The civilization arose and disappeared mysteriously, and left a staggering amount of over 7,000 of stone structures on the island of Sardinia. Some structures are massive and tall, and some are small, but they are all enigmatic. It is said that the sacred well Santa Cristina, together with the complex Nuraghes, belongs to one of the most important remains of this civilization. No one has ever found a sufficient explanation for the rise and fall of this civilization up to now. With the Holistic Orientation Based Dating Method we've been able to explain most of the Nuraghic structures on Sardinia. More clues to how buildings were used will be given in future videos.