Santa Maria Maddalena

Church of Santa Maria Maddalena

The church of Santa Maria Maddalena, more familiar to the people of St. Mary as the church of Santa Maria, is located in the center of the village not far from the parish church. It is a church from the 1600s although it was probably built a long time ago. It was restored at the expense of the owners Francesco Carta Vidili was Pietro and Salvatore Stara Vacca in 1820. At the original state it was certainly smaller than the current one there was indeed an increase on the back, which led to the creation of the current sacristy…

In the sacristy, therefore presumably built in 1800, there is a niche where in the past there was a fountain. The church consists of a single nave with a gabled roof originally made of wood. In a second moment the wooden roof was turned into an armed brick slab. This rebuilding of the structure has imposed the presence of lateral buttresses. The wooden roof has been restored and has now been redone. During the restoration a single marble altar placed at the end of the nave was dismantled. The floor is made of terracotta.

The feast in honor of the saint is celebrated on July 22 with the procession accompanied by the knights, the "Ardia" and the Holy Mass. In the days before, the novenas that end with the "Gosos" are celebrated, as for all the festivals of the town.