CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST OR OF THE SOULS The Church of the Souls, also called the Church of San Giovanni, is part of the same block of the parish church. The construction probably dates back to the 16th century, ie the same period of the Church of San Teodoro. It can be accessed both from Via Roma, which overlooks the main entrance, and from the sacristy of the Church of San Teodoro, from which it is separated by a small courtyard. The church is built entirely of basaltic stone, has a gabled fa├žade with two reinforcing sides, with a simple entrance door in trachyte. Internally, the church consists of a single central nave with an overhanging gable roof resting on round arches. Inside, currently plastered and painted, the exposed stone arches stand out. On the sides of the only existing altar, built in stone masonry, two doors connect the nave to the sacristy. The pavement originally made of basalt stone, worked and polished, was replaced after restoration by a terracotta paving. The roof is supported by a simple wooden truss. The evening of Good Friday arrives here the procession of the Dead Christ and from here on Easter, with the background of the bells that ring to party, come out the confreres who accompany the simulacrum of Christ Triumphant for the traditional procession de s'Incontru with the Mother Mary. Generally closed, the church reopens its doors on the 23rd and 24th of June on the occasion of the feast of St. John the Baptist and in the days before for the celebration of the novena in honor of the saint which ends each evening with the intonation of the characteristic gosos song to him dedicated. On the evening of 23 June at dusk, at the touch of the Ave Maria, the church is lit by the ignition of sos foghilones, small bonfires made of dried fava beans and a cross of reeds adorned with flowers and fragrant herbs.