Church of San Sebastiano

The seventeenth century church of San Sebastiano is the most recent of the churches of Paulilatino, probably once a country church, it was later incorporated into the village cemetery.

Its construction seems to have been decided as a sign of devotion and thanksgiving to the saint after the great plague that struck the island in 1652-56, decimating the population of the country, it also reached 27 deaths in one day.

The church, very simple, has a rectangular plan with two entrances: a main place right in front of the entrance to the cemetery and a side one. It is a single nave, at the end of which there is a stone altar dedicated to San Sebastiano. In the apse there is a fresco whose images are not very recognizable because it is in a serious state of decay, so it can not be traced back to the era of construction.

The floor is in basaltic stone. On the right side of the fa├žade there is a small bell tower.